Asia Pacific HRD Congress’17

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HR Technology partners of the 16th Asia Pacific HRD Congress 2017

It was a great event cordially invite you to visit us as we showcase advanced recruitment software & explore the theme of “Building Purpose to HR Development”



Asia Pacific HRD Congress _ Alok Nidhi Gupta _ Dr. Bhatia

In Pic: Dr. R L Bhatia & Mr. Alok Nidhi Gupta


Asia Pacific HRD Congress _ Alok Nidhi Gupta _ Team

In Pic: Team TalentRecruit

It was a great experience to discuss few important issues that are impacting us in the process of Automation. Businesses are sustaining on disruptive innovations and the impact is largely felt by the resource teams when they have to channel their work to address to be agile in this environment.

It was great to showcase our Smart recruitment software with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to target & hire the right candidates, always.

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Team TalentRecruit

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