Leveraging the power of Social Media

The world of recruiting has come a long way from its days of newspaper ads or job boards alone to advertise vacant positions. Parallely, there has also been a steady shift from evaluating candidates basis their skill sets alone to include factors such as the candidate’s cultural fit. Social media has risen to these new recruiting challenges & as per recent surveys plays a major role in recruiting efforts.


Here is a brief overview of the role of social media in recruiting:

Posting Open Positions

This is perhaps the simplest way in which social media is being used to recruiting advantage. Needless to mention that it is an extremely cost effective medium to reach a large user base. Additionally, companies are also using the medium to broadcast industry/company related news among specific niches. Often this helps the company page being “liked” by potential audiences as also for the company to gain effective branding in the mind space of potential candidates. Using the employee network’s social media through a structured employee referral program is also a great way to fill in vacancies with candidates who are referred by the company’s existing human capital. Low cost of recruiting and high quality of manpower, which culturally fits into the organization and is likely to stay with the organization for a longer period of time, are some of the oft-proclaimed advantages of this form of recruitment.

Attracting Passive candidates

A carefully formulated & executed social media strategy not only helps attract active, but also high quality passive candidates. Information disseminated about the work culture, the company’s mission, values and more help attract like-minded candidates. A careful positioning of the employer brand through social media networks can go a long way in recruiting success.It provides you with a platform to have engaging conversations with people long before they turn into candidates or even prospective candidates

Sifting candidates to fit the organizational culture

With the advent of social media it is easy to evaluate candidates for cultural fit with the organization. Facebook, twitter and other such social profiles can be a good indicator for recruiters to filter candidates. Similarly, Linkedin Profiles can be a good litmus test to run the candidates through filters such as association with Industry Groups, endorsements from industry stalwarts etc. These are priceless checks that could not have been attained with traditional recruiting methods. Platforms like Quora, similarly, can be a good way to evaluate competitive intelligence.

Monitoring Effectiveness

With the use of social media it is also possible to gauge effectiveness of campaigns. A number of ATS systems offer sophisticated campaign tracking mechanisms. It doesn’t just rest with number of applicants or applicant to hire ratios but also include measures such as engagement levels.

Some of the strategies to use social media recruiting to the organization’s advantage include:

– Creating Engaging Content that resonates with target audiences.
– Identify the social media platform where prospective audiences are likely to be found online.
– Monitoring your efforts & proactively adjusting the social media strategy.

Clearly social media recruiting is here to stay. If anything, it will only gain momentum in times to come. While for employers it means keeping their ears on the ground to use this medium effectively for recruiting, for employees it means building their online reputation to be gainfully occupied.

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