The Top 5 ATS Myths

ATS Myths

One business area where adoption of technology has made a huge dent is in the area of recruiting. An unwieldy, slow and mostly ineffective business process that was the often the butt of jokes is now a fast, adept and efficient business process able to help business in scaling up, all thanks to the launch of and growing adoption of Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS as they are more popularly called.

If the benefits of deploying an ATS are so obvious why are recruiters sometimes reluctant to use an ATS system? Listed below are 5 myths associated with ATS Systems and the realities associated with them

1. High Costs –

Test 1


2. Confusing an ATS with Job Boards –

Test 2


3. Meant for large organizations only –

test 3


4. Difficult to use during mass hiring –

test 4

5. The Comfort Factor –

Test 5

ATS systems come fully equipped with a host of functionalities as well as modular structure which enables organizations to derive the best value for their money. Involving recruiters as end users in the purchase decision can make your ATS decision infinitely easier and far more effective.

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