Strong Parsing Tool is the Key

A resume parsing tool can make all the difference

So you have a massive database of resumes  -GREAT!, but, rather than spend hours & hours on perusing through each of these resumes to extract key candidate information, wouldn’t you wish you could categorize the data within them quickly?

The answer to this is a strong resume parsing tool for your recruitment needs!

So this brings us to our next question, that is:

What is Resume Parsing Technology?

Resume Parsing is a technology that allows users to parse resumes by extracting data in an intelligent way. It helps recruiters to efficiently manage electronic resume documents sent via the internet.”

Recruiters use resume parsing to create a far more convenient and efficient resume and application screening process. Resume parsing helps recruiters out in a huge way. This technology allows recruiters to electronically gather, store and organize the information contained in resumes or applications.

Resume parsing technology can also extract contact information, relevant skills, work history and educational background. In addition to these standard bits of information, recruiters can custom tailor fields and forms to solicit information that may not be included in a traditional resume or application. This technology has gotten so good, that some resume parsing programs achieve what is called “near human accuracy” with up to 95% efficiency.

What you should look for in resume parsing tool

Advanced Applicant Tracking System such as TalentRecruit empower recruiters with intelligent resume parsing tools to easily extract candidate information from resumes & neatly categorize them into their respective fields through the iNtelliParse Engine. This not only helps recruiters save an immense amount of time in extracting details from candidate resumes, but also parses key candidate information such as skills & personal information that may be overlooked in a manual process!

Parsing tool

About The iNtelliParse Engine

Our iNtelliParse engine enables recruiters to parse or import a large numbers of profiles from a folder in your local system or Outlook/Gmail very efficiently. Recruiters can also format the resume as per their organizations standards before they are sent to their hiring managers or clients.

The resume parsing engine has a whopping 80% accuracy rate (massive for a parsing tool!) and is capable of extracting information including candidate skills, their years of experience (and years of relevant experience) along with the candidates personal information.

To learn more about how our parsing technology can help you revolutionize the way you build your candidate database, click this link. We’ll be happy to explain further!

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