“When faced with the prospect of connecting to thousands of students across the state, we decided that traditional methods of reaching out would not be enough. We have found that the TalentRecruit Software not only offers a comprehensive way of reaching students and managing all of our training programmes online with ease for all of our stakeholders but also provides a comprehensive Online Exam system to enable us to conduct online Exams for all students empanelled with us against various courses …”

Mr. Rajkumar Srivastava, Managing Director, Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation Limited



Business Impact

Mammoth task of being able to connect with students from all regions spread across the entire State of Karnataka

TalentRecruit’s powerful search system was provided to empower students and connect them with righttraining needed under multiple subject streams and industries

Has helped bridge the gap between students, KEONICS (including its training partners) to enable effective mode of communication for training requirements

No existing channels of communication for training centres to reach such a wide audience except for mobile phone services with limited internet connectivity

TalentRecruit enables all stakeholders including students to connect through KShiksha Portal especially the students who can register themselves; make preference for training and apply online.

Has helped both KEONICS and training centres to significantly reducing costs incurred during marketing (brand visibility) and candidate engagement

All examinations were being conducted manually with high reliance on human labour leading to chances for error in evaluation and lot of time consumed

Enabled the KEONICS and training centres with the ability to reach out to students and discharge their duty easily and more efficiently through process automation

Exams can now be conducted with minimal time wasted during candidate evaluation and students no longer need to traverse long distances to get results which save travel cost

Many students situated in areas with weak or no infrastructure in terms of road connectivity, access to banking sector and options for payment of fees.

Enabled a unique payment option for students through collaboration with over 1700 Post Office gateways for the first time in the state for ease of access across the state using Unique Post Office Barcode

Reduction in fee collection errors across the state as status of the student payments can be easily tracked with a unique barcode, thereby, improving transparency

Large number of talented students were unaware of the various training programmes and of their availability or proximity to them

A database was created linking the KEONICS’s training partners and education schemes directly to KEONIKS webpage for thousands of students to browse and apply online

Improvement in the capability and knowledge of the workforce across the state due to access to quality training and education programmes

Inability of talented student to get placed after training due to lack of exposure to placement agencies

Percentile placement assurance as student profiles can be viewed by agencies upon completion of their training

Comprehensive database of skilled candidates reducing sourcing costs for recruitment vendors

Lack of information among students from rural areas about the long term benefits of skill training and development courses for career enhancement

Free training for SC and ST students upon submission of proof while simultaneously tracking the status and eligibility of students for training programs upon completion of payment with zero error

Drastic improvement in the numbers of students who have applied for career training programs across more than 325+Training centres in the state due to increase in course awareness among all sections of society

KEONICS and its Training Partners were not able to leverage their Social Media connect to promote their Brand and Training Programs.

Successfully leveraged the power of social media platforms to reach out to huge student population that is socially active online

KEONICS has been able to successfully target its online audience on social networking platforms to capture maximum youth base


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