Machine Learning in Recruitment

So you want a machine that can recruit for you?


There is a lot of buzz among recruiters surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning in recruitment & as a recruiter you would have to be blissfully unaware of the latest developments in HR Tech if you haven’t already hear about it!Recruit with ease


“Firms working on AI in Recruitment ensure that even the minutest factors, often overlooked in a manual process, are added to the hiring equation to find the best matched profiles for a job.”


However, even the most complex algorithms still rely on human input (read: updating the status of a candidate on the ATS & critical thinking skills to properly evaluate a candidate) to understand the progression of “rockstar” candidates through the hiring process & whether their level of intelligence/passion is correct for the job.

So how exactly does machine learning aid in recruitment?

To explain its application in a nutshell, a recruiter simply needs to upload the details of any rockstar employees into their Applicant Tracking System & the ATS will intelligently determine & find candidates (based on certain parameters) who will be future rockstar employees!

An Intelligent Recruitment Platform_TR

Seems interesting right?

However, there is still a human element involved. Technically speaking, it is still a human that is determining what a “rockstar employee” looks like. This means that if your hiring manager decides that the best employees are men below the age of 35 who have more than 6 years of experience or Women with a Degree in Engineering who earn more than INR 12 LPA , then the system will begin displaying more of such results.



For this reason, we believe an advanced recruitment platform is one that Empowers Recruiters with HR Tech that can help them focus on what’s important


With TalentRecuit, you can build relationships with candidates , thoroughly assess them & focus on talent branding) while automating inbound + outbound  sourcing, tracking follow-ups, offer management  & other recruitment related activities.


If it’s the best applicant tracking system that you are looking for, then look no further than TalentRecruit!


By Alok Nidhi Gupta

Alok is a visionary  veteran of the recruitment industry who believes in early adoption of AI in HR Tech 

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