“The versatility of the system is in its ability to handle a large amount of CV’s especially for our campus recruitment during our GET’s”

Ramesh Menon, Senior General Manager HR



Business Impact

The client wanted a system which would allow their Hiring Managers to easily approve any work that was awaiting their consent with or without logging into the system. This was with regards to resume, offer and requisition approvals that need confirmation from the hiring manager(s) before they could proceed to the next stage.

We developed a specific Hiring Manager Portal that enables mangers to easily view tasks that require their attention such as: Resumes for Approval (along with their evaluation details) Pending Tasks Offer Approvals

Quicker time-to-approval for the creation of new requisitions, shortlisting of candidates and candidate offers and reduce turnaround times leading to smaller recruitment life cycles.

The task of seamlessly integrating their existing SAP HRMS database with our ATS.

We have seamlessly integrated their existing SAP HRMS database with our ATS

The integration has resulted in more effective database management and lower dependency on external sources for profiles.

The management of profiles submitted by vendors was becoming an issue.

We developed a cross-platform profile submission portal to enable vendors to directly submit shortlisted resumes into the hiring manager portal.

Quicker approvals and Reduce turnaround times leading to smaller recruitment life cycles.


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