Much Ado About Stressful Onboarding

Onboarding Humor

So you’ve successfully hired new team members!

Now what do you do?

For most HR Professionals, new hire onboarding can be a stressful time. You have to run from pillar to post to ensure joining forms are completed, organize induction programs for individuals or groups & most importantly, engage clueless new hires on their first day at work to make a lasting impression!

But this process does not need be as stressful as most make it seem! To improve you employee retention ratio, we’ve brought you a few tips that can help you make the overall onboarding management process transparent & less chaotic.

Send the offer letter

Be proactive in sending the formal offer

Delaying to send a candidate a formal offer after going through a long & tedious recruitment process is a classic rookie mistake that is akin to disregarding the time & efforts of recruiters who have worked hard to ensure that only the best talent is allowed to join the organization

FIX: This problem can be solved by a warm, timely & simple email to the candidate through an offer management system.


Roll out a red carpet for new hires

Planning is key here and this is much simpler that you think if you have a solid system to manage onboarding tasks & post offer follow-ups. Try to put yourself in a new hires shoes and imagine walking in to an exciting dream job where NOTHING is there for you to see, fill or use!

FIX: Simply put: no desk to sit at + no workstation + no access pass = increased chances for a new joinee to leave, disillusioned with their new job. Divide the onboaring process into stages (Pre-Boarding/Onboarding/Post-Boarding) that begin as soon as a candidate accepts an offer and create a well-defined process for them to follow


Start day one with a BANG!

Most business ideally have some sort of a welcome program that spans a course of 4 to 6 months (from induction to collection feedback on the onboarding experience) but the reality is different from theory, so the best you can do is ensuring that new team members have an AMAZING first day

FIX: Here’s some suggestions for the first day:

  • Start a buddy system & make sure that the buddy aware that he will be a point of contact

  • Introduce the fresh blood to their team

  • Avoid overloading them with info (it’s unlikely they’ll retain it on the first day!)


The challenge here begins when begin implementing these process without an Advanced Onboarding Software Solution.

At TalentRecruit, we help organizations manage these tasks with minimal stress on memory power while streamlining their onboarding process & bringing in the much needed transparency & accountability into the entire process. 

We offer HR Professionals is the ability to:

  • Improve the offer to joining ratio though effective post offer follow ups
  • Configure Asset Templates for each business role and make sure everything in pace for new hires
  • Build a document library that can additionally auto-populate the generic details of each employees (who downloaded the form) into their responsive fields
  • Automate the collction of feedback through forms & enable continuous improvement within your onboarding process

Get in touch with us to know more about how you can make a great first impression on your new hires and keep your Hiring Managers happy with a Smart Recruitment + Onboarding Software Solution

Written by Bhaskar Menon,
Bhaskar is a Technology enthusiast who likes to see peoples lives made easier though the employment of new & innovative hardware or software technology
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