“We did thorough market research and evaluated several softwares. We discovered that TalentRecruit software offers one of the most comprehensive, user friendly and innovative systems in the market today”

Raji Verghese, Managing Director


KPI’s necessary to accurately assess the recruitment efforts of employees was missing. This was leading to inefficiency (caused by a lack of clarity) within recruitment teams.

The existing system were fragmented, with poor user adoption and failure to handle the recruiter’s needs.

No communication history with clients and candidates.

Their existing ATS was unable to cater to the needs specific to BFSI requisitions.


We configured our system to allow managers to define targets & incentives either by employee grade or at an individual level. Tracking the performance of employeeson the system was never so easy.

TalentRecruit easy to use unified system was provided to empower recruiters and support their needs.

TalentRecruit’s Chat and RecruitTalk was configured and automation of entire communication for internal and external was traceable.

A uniquefeature to enableJob Approval, specific to their need as they worked for Banking Industry, was added as a customization and delivered to Questa.

Business Impact

Questa’s status rests on the satisfaction & performance of their employees. By bringing clarity into targets for appraisals, we were able to directly impact the morale & the performance of recruitment teams, leading to an increase in company growth.

Increase in number of closures and client satisfaction.

Every client and candidate communication is now on hand. All relevant data is captures and available in a consolidated format.

Customized solution helped in sharing candidate details relevant to BFSI clients and attracted more candidates.


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