The Best Ways to Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

The Best Ways to Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

When it comes to recruitment, the trick to success lies in time management. The more time a recruiter takes to find the best fit for an available position; the more it ends up costing the company. This can not only lead to a disappointing expiring for candidates but can also end up making the whole recruitment process more complex and that’s when companies make bad/toxic hires!

So how can you speed up your process without compromising on the best talent for your role? We’ve compiled a list of 5 recruiter-friendly tips to help make your hiring experience awesome!

1.Grab more attention:

No one likes a vague Job Description or a half-hearted call to know if you are interested for the job! Create a great first impression & make the JD appealing to candidates so that they are compelled to apply on your career page. Don’t make the mistake of writing a slapdash job description, popping it online and wait for applications to start rolling in.

2. Get Social:

Tap into the world’s biggest candidate databases by getting your job advertisements out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms. These platforms can help you extend your candidate outreach to attract both Active and Passive jobseekers while simultaneously enhancing your employer brand.

3. Hire from Within:

Your colleagues are a great point of contact to start looking for references! Create Internal Job Postings and drive a successful Employee Referral Program to encourage your colleagues to apply for the new positions. It is quicker, cheaper and will boost your employee engagement in a much better way

4. Never Delay an Offer:

The easiest way to lose a great candidate is by delaying their offer! Once you have found the perfect fit, make sure to engage with the candidate and keep them posted on the status of their offer. Once it’s done, you can start planning on how to onboard your new hires in a hassle-free way.

5. Engage with your team:

No one likes double work. It’s important to ensure you can create a transparent recruitment process that allows you and your colleagues to work in a more collaborative manner to ensure that each member knows what their responsibilities are and are given adequate support to execute these tasks.

We are sure that these pro-tips are sure to help speed up your hiring process. We also recommend that you embrace Advanced Recruitment Software that helps to empower recruiters with new technologies such as Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. These platforms can also help you to create a streamlined and automated recruitment workflow and save immense time and cost on recruitment!
Armed with this information we hope you can take control of your Talent Acquisition process.


Happy Recruiting!

By Shirsha Sur
Shirsha is a Marketing Professional at TalentRecruit and is an HR Technology enthusiast. In her free time she likes to read and write blogs on all topics related to HR Tech.

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