Strong Parsing Tool is the Key

A strong parsing tool can make the difference

TalentRecruit is one of the fastest growing organizations providing Advanced Applicant Tracking system that help organizations integrating & automating their entire recruitment process with separate solutions for Staffing Firms & Corporates.

Parsing tool

About IntelliParse

Our iNtelliParse engine enables recruiters to parse/ import large numbers of profiles from a folder in your local system & Outlook very efficiently. Recruiters can also format the resume in various formats before they are sent to hiring managers / clients.

TalentRecruit was earlier using Word to manage parsing / formatting at server end that sometimes used to consume more server memory and throw some challenges. Managing Word instances at server end in case of Web based application and at Client Machine in case of Windows / Desktop application was little challenging. In desktop application, Word conflicts with application instances with the open word files and it sometimes closes word files in few client machines.

Finding a Solution

TalentRecruit evaluated various options to find solution to the referred issue / problem. Somehow, we get to learn about Aspose and the solutions provided by them.

TalentRecruit largely uses two types of applications

  1. Windows Based Applications built on .Net Platform
  2. Web Based Applications built on

Getting into the technical aspects on the parsing tool:

Aspose.Words for .NET is an advanced class library for .NET that enables us to perform a wide range of document processing tasks directly within your .NET applications.

TalentRecruit has found a right solution in Aspose.words for .Net. Its APIs are now integrated with our solution that has enabled us to improve performance of Resume Parsing & formatting. Using Aspose.Words for .Net, we were able to overcome the challenges and issues we faced in both of our applications (windows based as well as web based) and have improved performance in parsing process without much changes in our parsing code.

We have witnessed that by using Aspose.Words for .Net our speed of parsing has improved by 10 percent, which is significant when you are parsing large numbers of Resume / Candidate Profiles or documents from local system or Outlook.

Also Aspose is easy to use, in just three lines of code, developer can convert document to HTML, TXT, PDF formats.

Further, with Aspose.Words for .Net we find good possibility of reworking on our Resume formatting process to build the document editor without opening the document and add the candidate pre-screen as preface to the candidate’s resume. This feature will reduce substantial time and efforts of recruiters while formatting the profile.

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