What is TalentRecruitEdge

A comprehensive institute management platform that automates the entire process of student registration, course management, student certification and their subsequent placement along with an inbuilt online examination platform to ensure holistic assessment

Make the tedious process of registration
fun and simple

Convert your website into a one-stop-shop for the various training programs that your institute has to offer and easily enable candidates to sign up for skill development & certification from any location. Easily tag and club candidates into batches, categorize courses based on areas of study, build unique ‘umbrella’ courses with multiple subjects and much more


Increase your institute’s brand value and assess students the right way

Edge helps you focus on assessing candidates without the hassles of juggling between the various training programmers, databases of examination sheets and a myriad candidate details. Categorize candidates and courses, set cut-off marks for your high-end training programs and increase the employability of your candidates by creating unique umbrella courses that add value to the certification from your institute


Assessment Branches and Franchises

Our best-in-class system enables effective monitoring of remote or local partners, ensuring that candidates are trained and engaged in accordance with the high standards of your institute along with an option to pre-screen candidates for courses that other partners may be handling. Your training partners may be given limited access to the system to add student information, create examination slots and update marks or other details


Social Marketing Expert

Harness the power of the social web to get the best publicity for your institute with our Social Marketing Module that enables students to post the details of your courses along with their schedules onto social media. Effectively leverage the connections of your candidates for maximum brand exposure and extend your candidate outreach with re-posts and shares


Features of TalentRecruitEdge


Multi-level Evaluation System

Holistically evaluate your students and get an in-depth understanding of their strengths and areas of weakness to effectively impart learning through evaluation sheets that can be customized for students, faculty members, training partners and placement agencies


Placement Process Automation

Automate the entire placement process for students right from the time they receive their certification from the institute till the time the candidate joins an organization. The system also enables the creation of a large database of skilled candidates along with a detailed description of their capabilities, text scores and expertise which may be leveraged by corporates to select students that have been certified by your institute


Reports and Analytics

Leverage the power of raw data to study the performance of your candidates, compare their strengths and weaknesses, rank them, view the examination success ratios for different areas of study and generate reports different aspects of your business with ease


Campus and Vendor Referral Management

Partner with schools, colleges, universities or any other academic institutions to direct a constant flow of students seeking training towards your institute. Get reports from the number of students referred to the number of profiles received and candidate history from different locations

Unique question papers

Create or import a comprehensive online repository of questions for multiple topics, generate unique questions papers as the system randomly chooses questions so no two candidates get the same question papers, define grades within the system based on the total marks scored


Course Planner

Publish & promote different training programs along with their schedules for students to build an effective timetable and ensure that the timings of their different training programs do not clash with each other