Seamlessly Control the Onboarding Process for New Hires

Get your employees on-the-job faster

Improve the levels of clarity and accountability within onboarding with a system that enables you to define a paperless process that makes the transition of fresh recruits to capable employees transparent & smooth


Post Offer Follow-Up

Offer acceptance marks the beginning of a new set of processes that is critical to ensure the candidates you have selected join the organization. Get the edge you need with candidate engagement tools that validate your recruitment efforts


Enable continuous improvement within your onboarding process

Effortlessly generate feedback on the level of efficiency, user-friendliness & the effectiveness of the onboarding efforts that have taken place and enable innovation in onboarding


A well-define & transparent approach to onboarding

Ease the stress experienced during onboarding with an online employee management portal that will delight new hires & reduce work pressure on your HR team. Enables new recruits to submit documents, manage their profile, view pending or upcoming onboarding tasks & provide feedback via a single platform


Features of our Onboarding system

A paperless process to onboard candidates in a well-defined & friendly manner


Asset Configuration

Reduce the amount of time needed to get things ready to welcome new employees and pre-define asset templates for each department and employee level. Ensure the quick roll out of the required assets such as mobile phones or laptops and manage them in an organized manner


Document Library

Create a repository of agreements or forms that need to be read, filled and submitted by the new hires which are personalized as each employee downloads them to reduce repetitive data entry


Onboarding Task Module

Define and view the entire onboarding process in a clear and concise manner. Intuitive software enables you to track the progress of each task, define the stage at which it should appear and also be informed about upcoming any tasks


Stress-Free Onboarding

Increase transparency in onboarding through automated workflows that help each member get clarity on their responsibilities and provide new hires and HR with a smooth and hassle free onboarding experience


Onboarding Camp

Conduct mass induction programs with ease and clockwork efficiency to roll out the red carpet for your new hires!


Status tracker

Effortlessly track and manage the status of each new employee in a percentage format while being informed about how far they have progressed in the onboarding process


Key Benefits to Staffing Firms / Corporates / New Hires