A Business Enabler for Staffing Firms

Build your own ATS, the way you’ve always wanted it to be
with a centralized platform to integrate & streamline Customer
Acquisition & CRM till Invoice Tracking with detailed Analytics

On-Target Hires with Artificial Intelligence

Do more with Machine Learning algorithms that help you locate even the most elusive candidates on the web!

Advanced software built for the modern recruiter that understands your hiring needs, ranks each candidate in your database & proactively suggests the best-match for the job


Win more customers & grow your business

Build an amazing sales pipeline & never miss an opportunity to generate new revenue streams with the ability to track each new opportunity

Monitor leads, their business probability, the weighted pipeline & build strong and lasting relationships with your clients with a system that’s so easy to operate you never miss updating it!


Discover the best talent via social media

Find even the most elusive candidates on the web with a smart system that knows exactly what kind of candidates you are looking for & what kind of profiles make your client’s hiring managers happy

SocialRecruit analyzes your requirement and provides a ranking of each candidate. Basically, it making your recruitment experience simpler & stress free!


Scan Multiple Job Portals In Just A Click

The search for candidates across various job portals is made easy with TalentRecruit’s unified portal search options. A single search made on our system enables firms to reduce the effort in searching through various portals individually, reduce the time spent searching, eliminate duplicate profiles & post jobs directly from the ATS to job portals.


Get The Transparency and Efficiency That You Need

TalentRecruit gives you the freedom to focus on developing brilliant talent acquisition strategies while automating your back-office tasks such as billing & invoicing, timesheet approvals & the calculation of targets and incentives in an error free manner.


Features of TalentRecruitSync


iNtelliParse Engine

Parse or import large numbers of profiles from multiple sources to build a large talent pool of skilled professionals. Extract key candidate details from job boards, social media, system folders, MS Outlook accounts & more with ease in just a few clicks


Offer Management System

Minimize the time lag during the offer roll out process and increase your offer to joining ratio. Generate offers that are based on offered rates or salary and track any deviance from standard offers


Billing & Invoicing

A financial module within your ATS built to automate the process of tracking invoices in different currencies, keep records of each transaction, map completed & pending billing transactions. Manage billing efficiently while being able to generate reports on the same at each stage.


Temp Staffing

Manage your extended workforce with the care, ease and efficiency that they deserve to create a streamlined contract employee management process. Track resource deployment, contract expiry dates, their onboarding status at client locations and their time and expense sheets with ease.



A unique offering that empowers recruiters to conduct a unified search for candidates across various job portals. Give your staffing the efficiency boost it needs to save time, cost per clicks, manual effort while eliminating duplicate profiles and posting requirements directly from the ATS onto different job portals.


iNtelliSearch Engine

An automated headhunting tool developed to scan the web based on a semantic search powered by data-data driven algorithms. The engine’s artificial intelligence and machine learning prowess enable it to suggest candidates based on the user’s preferences and rank them based on the requirement’s specifications