The 50th Hindustan Times HR Conclave

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise….

Its critics are still fearful that the technology could replace human workers, perhaps even HR employees themselves. But supporters say that AI exists not to simply replace workers, but rather it can be used as a way to free them up to do more and better work.

The 50th Hindustan Times Shine HR Conclave – Mumbai Edition will pose the following questions to the HR Leaders:

1. How will AI impact the skill sets required by business in the next 2-3 years?
2. What’s going to be the effect of AI on traditional HR functions like Recruitment, Performance reviews, Diversity & Fairness in the workplaces?
3. What kind of skills will be required so that Man Machine collaboration & HR Function can work hand in hand?
4. What are the challenges to transition to an AI culture?
5. Eventually, will robots replace the entire human workforce or will there always be new skills in demand?


We hope to see you at this conclave as we explore the theme of MAN – MACHINE – COLLABORATION & showcase Advanced Recruitment Technology with Machine Learning & AI.

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