The Victory of HR Tech Over Manual Recruitment

Based on a true story of blood, sweat & sweet success with Artificial Intelligence…..

Once upon a time there was a recruiter,

[He/She] was a simple & humble soul who did not use HR Tech, worked hard on (Manually) managing excel sheets & sent 50 profiles (on average) to the [Hiring Manager / Client]. [He / She] did the same thing everyday & expected different results (#Insanity) . The following events were a daily occurrence:

10 Candidates were shortlisted from the list of 50 profiles

4 Candidates attended the subsequent interviews

2 Candidates attended all 4 rounds

1 (Incorrectly Screened) Candidate was offered the job

Finally the candidate rejected the offer…….

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However, this is not the end of the story!!!

“The recruiter then reflected on life & did research on best practices in recruitment” 

[He/She] finally became brave (also intelligent) & Adopted an Advanced Recruitment Automation PlatformThe Software had Machine Learning & AI to help [him/her] target and hire the right candidates at the right time and cost ! & automated the inbound + outbound sourcing (#RecruitSmart).

It also featured an inbuilt Multi-Level evaluation platform to properly screen candidates which meant that the recruiter was able to send 5 to 10 amazing profiles (v/s the list of 50 useless profiles!) Amazing things began to happen such as:

(A) The recruiter also gained worldwide recognition due to [his/her] social media recruitment skills (that TalentRecruit offered)

(B) The quality of the profiles that the recruiter began to send increased dramatically

(C) The [Hiring Manager / Client] now benefits from a great employer brand

The recruiter then lived Happily Ever After…

The End.


Written By Bhaskar Menon

Bhaskar is an HR Tech Evangelist who believes in the power of AI in Technology

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