TalentRecruit’s Recruitment platform is built on the core principles of Automation, Intelligence and Analytics. We offer innovative Artificial Intelligence based software solutions for recruitment management, applicant tracking, social recruiting, employer branding, candidate assessment & engagement, employee referrals and more. Our platform is further enhanced with advanced machine learning capabilities to suggest suitable candidates based on past shortlisting criteria. Our software suites are designed to address end-to-end needs of the entire recruitment cycle.

Applicant Tracking System


TalentRecruit’s ATS is an enterprise-friendly software which is highly modular without runaway costs. Our ATS Solution makes use of Artificial Intelligence to automatically headhunt for candidates and suggest suitable profiles based on the requirement criteria. Its Machine Learning capability utilizes data-driven algorithms to suggest candidates based on the user’s past shortlisting preferences. TalentRecruit comprises of a suite of modules that can be licensed independently, in tightly integrated clusters or as build-your-own options. Our solutions are for:

Customer Relationship Management For Recruitment


An efficient CRM software that is easy to operate and is seamlessly integrated into the ATS. Track the real-time status of each lead with auto-alerts, automatically generate their business probability and tag important emails associated with them into the system.

Our CRM software enables you to monitor your sales team performance, their targets and incentives with ease, while delighting your clients with limited access to directly view and update their requirements within the ATS.


Leverage the power of Machine Learning and Social Media to build candidate profiles based on what they have been doing instead of what they present on their Resumes. Enhance outreach to passive job seekers and get a real-time picture of their activities on social platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, Facebook, MSDN & more. Create candidate databases to help recruiters to automatically identify the right candidates with precision.